How To Properly Inspect Cheap Cars Used Before Buying

Do you know how to properly inspect Used Cars before buying them?

If you are looking for cheap cars used to buy in your area you truly need to know how to inspect each car before you make that final decision to purchase it.  Yes, this is even true if you are looking to buy a fancy car like a used Mercedes Benz with leather seats and alloy wheels. Just because you find a luxury used car for sale does not automatically mean it is in the best condition to buy. 

Lucky for you, in today’s article, we are going to teach you exactly how to properly inspect a used car before buying it for the exterior, technical and mechanical problems.  You will also learn the importance of a test drive before you decide to make your certified pre-owned car purchase.  

For more information on why you should always get a used car inspection, please be sure to watch the following video:

So with no more delays, let’s get started learning how to properly inspect any new or used car before you decide to buy it from a local car dealership or the previous owner.

How To Properly Inspect Used Cars Before Buying

Many individuals are normally looking for a used car to buy because they come at a relatively friendly price. It is very important to know some technical knowledge about cars before buying any used car or even a new car. The discussion below describes how to properly inspect cheap used cars for any damages or mechanical issues before you decide to buy them

1. Take a good view of the vehicle exterior and look for tail tell signs for damage paint and deeply embedded scratches. If the paint is new, ask when the car was painted last. Take notice and Beware of fixer-uppers, this is tactical that some dealers use to fix up a used car adding cheap new details and a fix-up to hide paint job. This practice often distracts used car buyers from larger problems such as underlying rust that will occur in the future.

2. View the back of the vehicle and check the bumper including the front as you make your way around to that area. Check the wheels for dents. Then keenly look through the automobile to see and note if there is any sign of rust. 

Most importantly always remember to do a thorough check on the cars under part for any hidden problems. Also look for dimples in the paint, dents, scuffs in the paint job.

3. Inspect both sides of the car including under beneath the vehicle for any signs of more major body repair. Check if there are other issues such as side panels, door hedges as well as fenders. They may give you a clue about the vehicle’s real condition.

4. Check the vehicle’s tires well. Check for any issues like cupping, wearing out of edges, feathering and more.

Also, make sure that the wheels are not pointed in an inward position indicating an alignment problem. Check to see if the vehicle is at the manufacturer recommended tire pressure levels to ensure safe driving.

5. Open the door, check the interior for tears in upholstery, sun damage and general appearance. Make sure that all important things that you will need while driving a vehicle work properly like for instance headlights, bright lights, turn signals, backstop lights, reverse lights, park lights, emergency lights. Ensure that you have checked basic automobile issues such as the lights, radio, odometer, gas meter, windshield wipers and many other.

6. One important thing you should also do is lift the hood. Look at the engine and see if it’s tidy. Look for signs of wear and tear on components especially the timing belt and the drive belt and other belts may vary by vehicles. 

Make sure that the battery cables and connectors are not worn down or the battery itself is in good running condition. Inspect the engine for any signs of leaking oil around the valve cover and head gasket that may be coming from the engine. Check all attached holes for signs of busting, wear and tear and damage. Inspect underneath the vehicle to see is there any rusted out holes in the exhaust pipe manifold and muffler.

7. Check the oil. The oil level should be in between the two-level marks. If you find it below the bottom level mark then this could mean an oil leak or the engine is in a critical need for oil. 

Also, look to see has it been changed recently by looking for a smooth texture yellow-brown of color. You will definitely know that the vehicle needs a maintenance oil change if the oil comes out looking burnt dark black. Next, place your hands on the dipstick by rubbing it against your thumb.

If you feel small particles in the oil, By chance the engine may be worn or damaged causing you costly repair problems.

8. Next test the car transmission for slippage. For automatic transmissions, hold down the brake pedal set the emergency brake, and shift through the gears to see if they easily fall in place. 

For Manual transmission, Set the emergency brake, depress the clutch pedal and shift through the gears to see if they easily fall in place while shifting. Also if the vehicle has a manual transmission listen out for any grinding sounds that may be coming from the transmission. Here are more signs to look out for while testing the vehicle for slippage.

4 Signs Transmission Is Slipping:

  •  If you find out that there is a delay when shifting gears, there could be an issue with the transmission channels
  • If on changing from a neutral or park position to the drive or reverse gear, the car does not immediately catch the gear and move forward or backward, then it could mean a problem in the transmission. For instance, if you change gears and get a sound like clunking, shuddering or jolting, and also find out that the shifting of gears is not smooth, the vehicle’s gearbox could be having an issue.
  • If you find out that the vehicle’s rpm engine is increasing but there is no increase in speed, it could mean the transmission is really slipping.
  • If the automobile begins producing a lot of noise, the gearbox could be having an issue

9. Many of the automatic vehicles have automatic transmitter systems and therefore you will be required to check the OD light that normally signals if there is an underlying issue on the engine. You will need to have the vehicle inspected or diagnose if you can’t understand the instrument’s problem code.

10. Startup the engine. It should practically start up immediately. Listen closely for accurate start-up ability and listen out for any sound of engine knocking or any other irregularities sounds that you do not normally hear when starting up a car. Be sure to ask questions about any sounds you are not familiar with to the car salesman.

Also, check to see that there or not any engine indicator lights that come on after starting up the engine.

11. Next, take the car for a test drive. Check the brakes at normal driving traffic conditions. They shouldn’t squeal and should bring the car to a stop in a short sufficiently distance. Make sure you do not have to press the brake pedal all the way down to come at a complete stop. 

This is a good sign that the vehicle may have worn down brakes pads or even a serious brake problem.

12. One Golden Rule: is to ask to see a record of the vehicle maintenance and car report. Look to see that the car had regular oil changes and checkups. Also, inquire about additional work that may have been done on the vehicle and ask to see receipts.


Now that you have all the proper information on how to properly inspect cheap used automobiles or even expensive used cars for sale before you buy them, you should never walk away with a lemon car again.  

If you are still in search of some more information on how to find the best used cars for sale in your area or how to find the best car dealers that have them for sale, be sure to take some time and read the following related articles.

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Are you looking for the Best Certified Pre-Owned Car to Buy?

If you are looking for the best for sale used car by owner deals in your area but are not sure if buying your next used car from the previous owner is a good idea, this article just may be able to help and give you some peace of mind.

Today you will learn not only why buying a certified pre-owned car for sale by the owner in your area is a smart choice, but you will also learn about the benefits and disadvantages of buying used cars for sale by their previous owner. 

So with no more delays, let’s get started!

Benefits of Used Cars For Sale By Their Owners

Owning a car is a very good investment. You will be able for whatever purposes you want to. You will then be able to sell the car at any time you want and be able to use the money without being questioned by anyone.

However, buying a vehicle involves a significant amount of money and the buyer’s budget would always remain an issue. Due to this, car finders would usually resort to either car buying a new car or buying a used car from the owner. Buying used cars from the original owners is a trend that many are going for.

For some tips on buying a used car and questions to ask a private seller, please be sure to watch the following video:

The idea of a used car comes by when you find that you do not have the required amount to go in for a new car for the amount required is too high at this moment. There are several advantages that come with purchasing used vehicles from their actual car owners. 

Lower price and immediate delivery are two major advantages of going in for a used car bargain from the actual car owner. Nowadays several car manufacturers are also offering guaranteed used cars to interested users. You can even order an import of a used car that you would like to have from any corner of the world.

Once you have made up your mind to go in for a used car, a well-maintained vehicle would be a very good choice. Moreover, by purchasing a second-hand car, you would be doing a service to mother earth by negating the burning of fossil fuels that would be required in building a new car. Moreover, a pre-owned car could give you years of uninterrupted service on a much lower investment.

You have several options when it comes to buying a second-hand car. You could purchase it from a dealer or directly from the earlier owner who can also fill you in better on the detailed condition of the car. 

The thing that makes the earlier dealer more convenient is that he could also possibly give you a better price as you would not have to pay a dealer commission and go through a painful process of documentation.

 In some other ways, when you want to buy a new used car, it becomes advantageous for you to go to a dealer with your old car, as its estimated value can become the down payment for the later model car you intend to purchase. While some of these used car companies offer you finance on the fresh car, in the normal case, you will have to arrange the auto financing on your own.

By another way of thinking, buying a used car from the actual car owner may work out as a better option for buying a new car. The car designs are undergoing such rapid changes that before you buy a new car and bat an eyelid, the new model with fresh design and shape will be out. 

At the same movement, the price of a new car that you just purchased plummets sharply, and you are left holding the loss. Therefore, look for a used car from a car owner who intends to sell it and ensure that it has all the top-end devices that you fancy and use them for sometimes comfortably.

Buying a used car from the owner has very many advantages. You will not have to go through endless processes of documentation and you will also get it at a friendly price.

Advantages of Buying Used Cars from the Owner

– One of the most significant advantages of buying a used car from its earlier owner is that you gain the total ownership of the vehicle right after the exchange. This simply means that a buyer would automatically obtain the vehicle’s title after he or she has provided the agreed amount of money. 

In the case you have agreed to pay a principal amount and then be obligated to paying a given premium amount for a certain period, you will gain full ownership once you pay up the entire amount.

– Buying used cars from the owner is also a good option for most buyers especially to those who have obtained auto loans to pay for the car’s price. This is because the payments involved are fixed all throughout the term of the loan and the good thing is that the loan holder obtains the ownership of the vehicle once the financial obligation is paid.

-Another advantage of buying used cars from the owner is that you will not get mileage restrictions. Once a buyer has purchased the car he or she could drive this as often as he wants without having to worry about any mileage limitations.

This is the condition is also true in the case of buyers who are still paying the loan premiums of the car to the car owner. Despite the fact that the loan is not yet paid off, the buyer is allowed to drive the vehicle as long as he wants without the need to pay for excess mileage.

Disadvantages of Buying a Used Car From the Owner

– One of the disadvantages of buying a used car from a car owner is the need to pay for the vehicle’s entire value up-front in case you want to purchase the car on a cash basis. Since cars usually cost thousands of dollars, you will need to prepare for the exact amount a few months before the actual buying process is conducted.

– Another disadvantage of buying a used car from its original owner is that you will not get a deal until you meet the required amount agreed upon. A car owner would not fall for a deal that will include you completing the payment on a later date. Many people selling their cars have reasons for doing it and it means they need that money right away. As much as you will be

getting the car at a good price, unless you meet that asking price right away, you will not be going home with this vehicle.


Now that you know the benefits of buying used cars from the previous owner as well as the advantages and disadvantages of it as well, you should be able to go out there and make smarter car-buying decisions.

If you are still looking for more information regarding how and where to find the best used cars for sale in your area, be sure to read the following related articles.

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